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· Environmental education in action.
· Pushing humanity forward.
· World-saving ideas grown into a purpose-driven business.

That’s you.

Now you need help spreading the news, growing your reach and communicating your purpose in a smart, authentic way.

Welcome to EcoQuent.

one, two, three.

Waltz with me!

Relax. I understand. The struggle of showing up and banging your own drum is real. All eyes on you!

Think of your favorite music. The best song ever.
It’s my pleasure to guide you through the steps, it’s my purpose to help your audience see you.
Dancing the waltz with confidence and grace is easy as one, two, three:



Transcreation. Localization. Contextualization.

When it comes to your language-hopping needs, trust me to deliver first-class results.

Your English publication is unique, original, you.
My job and privilege: Guiding both your mission and vision safely across the linguistic border.

More than that: As your German scribe in the wings I guarantee that your German wordflow will read and feel both authentically German and authentically you.


SEO Writing

Here’s the good news:
You can (you must!) stop chasing an ever-evolving algorithm and start serving your audience.

Your content needs to highlight the overlap between your USP and market demands.
Create a value path that takes your readers from interest to impact.
Communicate your values in a smart, authentic way.

I help you put your action into words that inspire and impact, educate and empower.
Let’s make some waves, shall we?



Your business is purpose-driven but your content strategy is still idling.

You appreciate crickets but you’d rather they not be your website’s only sign of life.

Time’s up for fomo (fear of missing out), urgency, and scarcity methods.

You lead by example and serve your readers from a place of abundance.

X marks the spot:
Together, we’ll draw up your content value map and ethical marketing plan.

The sky’s no limit.

Let’s write up your storm

Hi there!

I’m Nicole.

Welcome to my little corner of the wolrd wild web.

In a nutshell, I’m all about green living, great writing and good business.

EcoQuent is your one-stop-shop for German SEO, German localization and bilingual web copy that serves and sells.

I champion world-saving ideas and the people behind them:

My clients are green brands and value-driven businesses, nature writers and environmental publications, eco entrepreneurs and companies that take lead implementing the SDGs.

Read from my favorite clients

Don’t just  take my word for it.

Read from those who know best:

To my absolute delight, Nicole converted my English copy into beautiful German that sparkles and, crucially, really feels like me....

Grace Hughes, Ignite Translations

Nicole always hits the right buttons and her work is nothing short of outstanding. German copywriting, English editing: both perfect...

Barbara, Mallorca Talks

I was always excited about opening my inbox to another one of my articles translated and localized. Nicole’s distinct intuition...

Anna, Anna's Blattgold

Nicole did proofreading for me and I was very impressed with the results. She made my German texts sparkle. I...

Jane, Eggers Translation

Her knowledge of marketing and presentation skills are unsurpassed. Nicole loves her work and is able to infuse the same...

Giovanna Lester, American LSP, LLC

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