How-To: From Book to Business

Your Story,

a German Bestseller.

You're writing up a storm.
Your words, your work makes the world a better place, inspiring and empowering both entrepreneurs and everyday people.

Smart move, publishing your work in German:

We have a reputation for being sustainably oriented, we love ethical and self-realization topics, and the German book market is among the most stable in the world, with constant and reliable growth.

Now your publication needs translation, marketing, and PR: A lot of ground to cover before you can dance the waltz with confidence and grace.

You're looking to team up with an expert.

Enter me, your German confidante.

Nice to e-meet you!

one, two, three

Waltz with me!

Relax. This dance floor being my home ground, it's my pleasure to guide you through the steps while you're enjoying the music. Dancing the waltz with confidence and grace is easy as one, two, three and I'm with you every step of the way.


Literary Translation

This is where we start: Your English publication is unique, original, you. My part and privilege: I guide both your message and momentum safely across the linguistic border.
More than that: As your German scribe in the wings I guarantee that your publications, along with your slogans, blurbs, and bios will read and feel both authentically German and authentically you.



Germany offers a stable, growing market for foreign literature along with one of Europe's most bibliophile audiences.
An incredibly attractive business location, but a tough crowd. Peculiar, even.
Flawless performance is obligatory. With my magic markers and the power of the native speaker playing on home ground, I take your publications from flawless to stellar.



Your book, up in lights, needs marketing content that reaches your audience at eye-level, and when in Germany, it's good advice to talk as the Germans do.
Hint: It's not all Currywurst and Lederhosen.
PR writing is one of my superpowers which for you means I bring that certain je ne sais quoi that makes for outstanding storytelling and will enchant your German audience.

The sky's the limit.

Let's write up your storm


I'm Nicole.

I'm a translator and mindful marketing strategist.
My words help trailblazing authors and leaders to turn their story into a German bestseller.

Creative nonfiction, educational children's books, nature writing: I specialize in books and people who advocate eco-awareness, equality, ethics, and sustainable entrepreneurship.

A bit of an eco-warrior myself, I believe in knowledge as a propeller towards a brighter tomorrow, and writers as the pencil-swinging heroes educating both entrepreneurs and everyday people.

But let's meet properly:

Don't just take my word for it.

Read from those who know best.

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