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· Environmental education in action.
· Pushing humanity forward.
· World-saving ideas grown into a purpose-driven business.

That’s you.

Now you need help spreading the news, growing your reach and communicating your purpose in a smart, authentic way.

Welcome to EcoQuent.

one, two, three.

Waltz with me!

Relax. I understand. The struggle of showing up and banging your own drum is real. All eyes on you!

Let’s take it one step at a time.

Think of your favorite song.

The one that has you moving before you even think about it.

That’s your brand, your passion, your purpose.

It’s my pleasure to guide you through the steps, help your readers see you, get you, remember you.

Dancing the waltz with confidence and grace is easy as one, two, three:



Transcreation. Localization. Contextualization.

When it comes to your language-hopping needs, these are different angles to describe what you’re ultimately looking for:

Your mission and vision, reading complete, clear, and catching for your German audience.

As your German scribe in the wings, I guarantee that your German wordflow will read and feel both authentically German and authentically you.


SEO Writing

Here’s the good news:
You can (you must!) stop chasing an ever-evolving algorithm.

Your content needs to highlight the overlap between your USP and market demands.

In other words:
It’s the love letter that takes your readers from interest to impact.

I help you put your action into words that inspire and impact, educate, and empower.
Let’s make some waves, shall we?



You appreciate crickets but you’d rather they not be your website’s only sign of life.

You want to make waves without FOMO (fear of missing out), urgency, and scarcity methods.

That’s where I come in:

Bilingual ethical copywriting is my superpower.

Highlighting your YOU-SP and core values, I help you write your story into a bestseller.

The sky’s no limit.

Let’s write up your storm

I’m Nicole.

Hi there!

In a nutshell, I’m all about green living, great writing, and good business.

EcoQuent is your one-stop shop for ethical copywriting, sustainable marketing content, German localization and SEO.

I champion earth-first brands and the people behind them:

My clients are sustainability managers, climate activists, sustainability heroes and circular economy brands, eco-entrepreneurs and vegan business owners.

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